Ease Springs are a British rock band, formed in Basildon, Essex in 2004. It was founded by guitarist and singer Steve Hernaman who wanted to pursue a career in music. The phrase 'Ease Springs 'are the words of command used in the British forces in order to spring the working parts of the rifle forward, in other words 'Ready for Action'. After a few different line-ups the band went firm in 2008 with guitarist Steve Hernaman, bassist Steve Harrison and drummer Gerald Brook and relocated to Chelmsford. The band carried on with performances throughout Essex, London and also universities and festivals. Having gained a reputation for being professional whilst frequenting all the different venues, Ease Springs were always asked to perform again at a later date after delivering a great show and have built up good relationships within the industry.

Ease Springs released their first single called 'Somewhere In Between' in 2008 and followed this with an extensive list of performances. Somewhere In Between became very well known throughout Essex and London and also gained exposure on many local radio stations even getting a mention on national radio. The band then released 'Transparent',then more recently 'No Sleep Tonight'.

Sam Kelly has been with Ease Springs for a year now on Bass and backing vocals and is very much adding his touch to the new music of the band.

Ease Springs over the past two years have been working on and recording their debut album called 'Who is Leonard Bopper? This was released through Thread Bare Records on Monday 13th May 2013 and is available to download via I-Tunes. Much time and effort has gone into this album and it is also attached to an online crime saga/novella that has the lyrics from songs on the album woven into it. The band will continue performing and supporting the release of the album into 2014.

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